Feb. 14, 2011(Mon) 
「Report on the Oral Infectious Disease Forum in December 2010」

(This is the report of the Oral Infectious Disease Forum, which took place last December.) On December 19th about 100 participants experienced a lively forum in a sociable atmosphere. The main topic was ‘Oral Infectious Diseases from another viewpoint’.
This year’s Oral Infectious Disease Forum 2011’ is planned for the middle of December. Your expectations will be met!
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Dec. 03, 2010(Fri)
「Tsurumi University School of Dental Medicine Alumni Association’s Scholar Acknowledgement Ceremony 2010」

The Scholar Acknowledgement Ceremony of 2010 was held on December 2.
Two of the five winners are students, who research in my Oral Microbiology lab; 4th grade student Yukako Honma and 5th grade student Mana Torii. The adviser of both is associate professor Tomoko Ohshima. The all-women-team demonstrated obviously the strength of female power!
The alumni association’s system of scholar acknowledgement is aimed at dental students of Tsurumi University, who engage in sound extracurricular activities to support the development of promising abilities with a scholarship.

Oct. 27, 2010(Wed) 
Information of the ‘Oral Infectious Disease Forum 2010’

The ‘Oral Infectious Disease Forum’ will be held again this year. The main topic is ‘Oral Infectious Diseases from another viewpoint’. From microcosm to macrocosm, we will introduce you to a new and unknown world. Thank you for coming. Nobuko Maeda

Oct. 25, 2010(Mon) 
Tsurumi University School of Dental Medicine; The Future we build: Art, Science, Humanity
This year is the 40th anniversary of Tsurumi University, School of Dental Medicine (theme: The Future we build: Art, Science, Humanity).
For the festivity on December 12th various plans and preparations are under way. One of them is a panel discussion. As preparation for this panel discussion a round-table talk with staff of the Dental School took place on October 23rd. The participants Prof. Kaoru Kobayashi (Dean of the Dental School), Prof. Ichiro Saitoh (Head of Tsurumi Dental Hospital), Prof. Mitsuhiko Morito (Deputy Head of Research Department), Prof. Asada (Head of Students Concerns, Head of Library), Prof. Yasuko Momoi (Chairperson of Clinical Practice), Prof. Chikahiro Ohkubo (Deputy Head of Students Concerns, Chairperson of OSCE), Prof. Akira Yamane (Chief of General Education) and Mr. Kazuo Kuroi (Administrative Head of Dental School) and myself were talking to the fullest about the future / dreams of the Dental School of Tsurumi University, education, research, clinical practice etc. The scheduled 2 hours passed like a flash and were considerably extended to almost 3 hours.
The details of the discussion will be informed very soon.