May 22nd, 2011


In October 2010 I was appointed head of the newly established International Exchange Center at Tsurumi University. However already one year prior to the official establishment the manager Dr. Satoshi Nagasaka and volunteers started with dental treatment of refugee applicants at the dental hospital. On May 28th at 1 p.m. a symposium will be held at the Memorial Hall of Tsurumi University. The symposium is hosted by the International Exchange Center, the UNHRC (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and FRJ (Forum for Refugees Japan). It consists of two parts, the first being the symposium and the second part is a concert of refugee singers and Tsurumi University students. Please feel free to come, a registration is not necessary.

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May 16th, 2011


On May 17th (Tue) and on June 14th (Tue) at 2 p.m. I am guest at the Kawasaki FM 14 radio program 'Happy Sound'.




April 26th, 2011


In the May issue of 'The Nippon Dental Review' an article introduced the Department of Oral Microbiology (title: 'From my laboratory'). The cover picture shows an electron microscope picture of Candida, the main subject of our research. I think the picture conveys the atmosphere of hard, but enjoyable work with undergraduate students of our Dental School and graduate students of the Department of Oral Microbiology and other clinical faculties.
And one more piece of information: this year the faculty was renamed from 'Department of Oral Bacteriology' to 'Department of Oral Microbiology'.

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Feb. 14, 2011(Mon)  「Report on the Oral Infectious Disease Forum in December 2010」


(This is the report of the Oral Infectious Disease Forum, which took place last December.) On December 19th about 100 participants experienced a lively forum in a sociable atmosphere. The main topic was ‘Oral Infectious Diseases from another viewpoint’.
This year’s Oral Infectious Disease Forum 2011’ is planned for the middle of December. Your expectations will be met!




Dec. 03, 2010(Fri)
「Tsurumi University School of Dental Medicine Alumni Association’s Scholar Acknowledgement Ceremony 2010」


The Scholar Acknowledgement Ceremony of 2010 was held on December 2.
Two of the five winners are students, who research in my Oral Microbiology lab; 4th grade student Yukako Honma and 5th grade student Mana Torii. The adviser of both is associate professor Tomoko Ohshima. The all-women-team demonstrated obviously the strength of female power!
The alumni association’s system of scholar acknowledgement is aimed at dental students of Tsurumi University, who engage in sound extracurricular activities to support the development of promising abilities with a scholarship.




Nov. 12, 2010(Fri)  「Overall Health Originates from Oral Health」


In the fast ageing society of Japan the demand for prosthetics shows an increasing trend considering QOL and sustainable health of elderly people. The majority of elderly people already use prosthetics and the demand is seen to further increase with the progress of ageing society…

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Oct. 27, 2010(Wed)  Information of the ‘Oral Infectious Disease Forum 2010’


The ‘Oral Infectious Disease Forum’ will be held again this year. The main topic is ‘Oral Infectious Diseases from another viewpoint’. From microcosm to macrocosm, we will introduce you to a new and unknown world. Thank you for coming. Nobuko Maeda

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Oct. 25, 2010(Mon) Tsurumi University School of Dental Medicine; The Future we build: Art, Science, Humanity

This year is the 40th anniversary of Tsurumi University, School of Dental Medicine (theme: The Future we build: Art, Science, Humanity).
For the festivity on December 12th various plans and preparations are under way. One of them is a panel discussion. As preparation for this panel discussion a round-table talk with staff of the Dental School took place on October 23rd. The participants Prof. Kaoru Kobayashi (Dean of the Dental School), Prof. Ichiro Saitoh (Head of Tsurumi Dental Hospital), Prof. Mitsuhiko Morito (Deputy Head of Research Department), Prof. Asada (Head of Students Concerns, Head of Library), Prof. Yasuko Momoi (Chairperson of Clinical Practice), Prof. Chikahiro Ohkubo (Deputy Head of Students Concerns, Chairperson of OSCE), Prof. Akira Yamane (Chief of General Education) and Mr. Kazuo Kuroi (Administrative Head of Dental School) and myself were talking to the fullest about the future / dreams of the Dental School of Tsurumi University, education, research, clinical practice etc. The scheduled 2 hours passed like a flash and were considerably extended to almost 3 hours.
The details of the discussion will be informed very soon.



Aug. 23, 2010(Mon)  「Women’s Career in University」is the title of an essay I wrote for female dentists

The magazine of the Japanese Dentist Association has a column called ‘Female Dentists and the medical community’. Since I am in basic research and stopped clinical practice 20 years ago, I am mainly involved in research and education. Nevertheless I was asked to write for female dentists working in various fields of dentistry and gathered random thoughts under the title ‘Women’s Career in University’.
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Aug. 23, 2010 (Mon)  30th Anniversary Party of the 5th-year students of our Dental School!

The 5th-year students, just four years younger than myself, held a big party on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of their graduation.
The planing group of this year’s event named it ‘big party’ and almost 100 former students of the 5th year gathered together. A number of professor emeritus were also invited to this grand and heart-warming party, as well as myself as the vice-president of the university.
The pictures show former 5th-year student Dr. Teruya Ayano and former 5th-year student Dr. Yumiko Yamamoto together with me. How young they still look!?
This year is already the 40th anniversary of the Dental School (and it is 40 years that I enrolled in this university!!), therefore the 30th anniversary of the former 5th-year students is in fact nothing special and quite normal, but it shows that time really flies!!
So I keep a grip on myself and use the remaining time in the interest of the Dental School.



Aug. 23, 2010(Mon)  Meeting with the vice-president of DENTSPLY, Linda C. Niessen

Every summer the SCRP (Student Clinician Research Program) is hosted by the Japanese Dentist’s Association and sponsored by Dentsply to give dental students the possibility to compete in research and presentation skills in English. In this connection Linda C. Niessen, who is vice-president of Dentsply and also the responsible person in charge for the SCRP, visited Japan. On occasion of her visit I invited also Prof. Noriyoshi Shimizu of Nihon University School of Dentistry and Dr. Hiroshi Sakagami of Meikai University School of Dentistry for a dinner.
As you see on the picture Linda is a charming person and we spent a very pleasant evening even forgetting about the Japanese summer heat. Not only in her home country America, but whereever she goes for work, Linda is always interested in the situation of dentistry of the respective country and she came to the conclusion that not only Japanese dentistry is somehow sluggish. The article ‘Underoccupation of dental universities capacity is man-made disaster’ in this weeks’ AERA shows that importance and attractiveness of the dental profession has to be communicated clearly to prevent trouble of the dental society.
I want to learn from Linda’s experience and use this hp to inform accurately regarding the importance of dentistry.





Aug. 04, 2010(Wed) One-day Campus Experience at Tsurumi University on July 29th

A large number of participants had trial lectures, practice experience, lunch at the students’ canteen etc.etc. This time 5th and 6th grade students guided the clinical practice in white coats and also had lunch together with the participants. After all it is easier to ask and talk to similar-aged students, who conducted the guidance. It was a one-day campus experience in a very harmonious atmosphere.




Jul. 21, 2010(Wed)  IADR in Barcelona, Spain

From July 13th to 17th the IADR was held in Barcelona, Spain. This year almost 6,000 people participated in this very big event. Many people including students from the Dental School of Tsurumi University were presenting their research results. Especially the efforts of the students were surprising and I am looking forward to their future presentations. Every day was someone’s presentation, so that there was not much time left for sightseeing. However the evenings are light until 10p.m. and having dinner outside was exceptional. I was also able to meet again Dr. Samaranayake, the president of Hongkong University, so all together it was a very fruitful meeting.




Jul. 07, 2010(Wed) 
Selection of the Internal Representatives for the Student Clinician Research Program(SCRP)2010 at the Dental School of Tsurumi University
The Dentsply Student Clinician Research Program(SCRP)is a program, which was started by the American Dentist’s Association (ADA) to promote the research ability of dental students. It is very successful and local branches have been formed all over the world.
The Japanese branch organizes every year in August a PR meeting in the Japanese Dentists’ Association Hall, where the students from all Dental Schools in Japan present their research results in English. The winner of this event is the Japanese representative and invited to the ADA General Meeting in autumn in the USA, where the representative student researchers from each country have the possibility to present their research.
From the students of the Dental School of Tsurumi University, who participated in the SCRP, Erika Kakuta won the Japanese event in 2003 and was invited to the ADA General Meeting (San Francisco) as the Japanese student representative. I accompanied her as faculty adviser and I still

remember her remarkable presentation. After that, Takuma Oyama in 2006 and SoteiTakao in 2007 each won the 3rd prize of the Japanese event and left a profound impression. Until 2007 there were always several candidates within our Dental School and the internal selection took place annually, but then for several years a selection has not been possible.
Fortunately, this year 2 students (Nao Sugimoto; adviser: Prof. Ichiro Saitoh, Faculty of Pathology and Yukako Honma; adviser: Associate Professor Tomoko Ohshima, Faculty of Oral Microbiology) showed interest in the participation of the SCRP and the meeting for the internal selection of a representative took place.
The process of the internal selection is the same as at the all-Japan selection. The students have to present their research results for 5 minutes in Englishand then answer the questions of the jury members (Dr. Akira Yamane (Head), Dr. Sumio Nishikawa, Dr. Toru Hayakawa, Dr. Nobuhiro Hanada, Dr. Shinji Shimoda, Dr. Satoshi Nagasaka哲永坂, Dr. Asiri) also in English.
More than 30 people attended the internal selection and the seminar room seemed rather crowded.
Both presented impressively in front of the large audience and also answered the questions of the jury members with confidence, so that it was difficult to decide the winner. The jury members even briefly considered 2 winners, but after a strict selection process it was decided that Nao Sugimoto would be the representative of Tsurumi University. She is committed to win!
I am pleased seeing steadily improvement of research-minded students from our Dental School.

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May 28, 2010(Fri)  Development of a Cocoa-Containing Tooth Paste

For several years we continued research for a natural material to be used for oral care. Finally we managed to develop a product using cocoa, usually a popular drink, for tooth paste. It will probably take some more time until it is available in the stores, but recently a feature on this topic was in the monthly magazine ‘Apollonia’.

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May 18, 2010(Tue)  Articles in Tsurumi University News No. 5 and Campus NOW No. 56

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>>Tsurumi University News No. 5 「To all new students」~published: May 1, 2010~
>>Campus NOW No.56 「Aiming for an appealing university」~published: March 1, 2010~





Apr. 23, 2010(Fri)  Report of「Flower Festival Concert」

A lot of people visited the Flower Festival Concert at Tsurumi University, which was timed to the Flower Festival Day (April 8th) to celebrate Buddha’s birthday.
The university’s Memorial Hall was full and the audience listened to an exquisite match of Eastern and Western music with the pilgrim’s hymn of priest Hanawa and the piano of Chie Mori. It was only a short concert, but heart-warming for everyone, who attended. It is planned to continue not only the Flower Festival Concert, but also an autumn piano concert with Chie Mori, therefore I hope for similar response and success in future.

Apr. 02, 2010(Fri)  Editor’s Postscript in ‘Oral Therapeutics and Pharmacology’ in April 2010
This year quite a number of Dental Schools/ Faculties will experience an underoccupation of the capacity for new students.
Right now, the number of new students at medical faculties is increased and even new medical faculties are built due to doctor shortage. However these measures will probably not help to solve the present shortage (in certain areas). And in 10 years from now, the press will worry about a surplus of doctors and a shortage of dentists.
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Lecture about Biofilm
On March 6th Prof. Lakshman Samaranayake, Dean and Head of the Hospital of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Hongkong lectured about biofilms at our university. Prof. Samaranayake is professor for Oral Microbiology and an expert in the field of oral indegenious funghi (Candida). His unaffected natural way and the excellent lecture made this a very fruitful event.
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Lecture about Biofilm
On March 6th Prof. Lakshman Samaranayake, Dean and Head of the Hospital of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Hongkong lectured about biofilms at our university. Prof. Samaranayake is professor for Oral Microbiology and an expert in the field of oral indegenious funghi (Candida). His unaffected natural way and the excellent lecture made this a very fruitful event.




For all of you, who hesitate to become a dentist!

「I am interested in becoming a dentist. But, because there are too many dentists in Japan the Ministry of Education and Science (MEXT) is instructing to decrease the capacity at Dental Schools and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) is constantly increasing the difficulty of the state exam. With so much head wind and the present sluggish economy, the future as a dentist does not look bright.」If you think that, you are wrong, it’s just the opposite!
First, the structure of the Japanese working population is going to change in the near future. The group, which so far has supported the Japanese economy, includes the so called ‘baby-boomers’ (8 Mio. according to MHLW statistics), who will reach retirement age soon. So due to a high retirement rate within the next 10 years a drastic decrease of dentists is expected. Then, suddenly there will be a panic about dentist shortage. At that time, if you are a dentist, you will certainly be a valuable member of society. When under the present circumstances everyone keeps distance to dentistry, it might be your chance.
However right now, a lot of unexpected things happen in Japan. Banks, stock brokerage firms, which were considered secure or the leading national airline set up joint ventures or go out of business. So, if you really know, what you want to do, you should proceed without only considering the immediate situation. You never know what happens and the future is for you to open. We, at Tsurumi University will support your aim to become a dentist without hesitation. With regard to numbers the Dental School of Tsurumi University is every year among the first to graduate new dentists. Why not aiming for a better life with us?



2009 JADR Symposium『Food with Health Claims and Oral Health』hosted by JADR and the Japanese Association for Dental Science on Nov. 21, 2009
Though it was the first day of a long weekend a lot of people participated.

13:40〜14:05「Challenges and Outlook of Food with Health Claims」
Toshio Amagasaki(MHLW Pharmaceutical and Food Safety Bureau)
14:05〜14:30「Challenges and Outlook of Developing Food with Health Claims (Caries)」
Nobuhiro Takahashi (Tohoku University Graduate School of Dentistry)
14:30〜14:55「Challenges and Outlook of Developing Food with Health Claims (Periodontitis)」
Satoshi Shizukuishi(Graduate School of Dentistry Osaka University)
15:10〜15:35「A New Evaluation System in the Dental Field」
奬Imai(Tsurumi University School of Dental Medicine Faculty of Translational Research)
15:35〜16:50 General Discussion
The discussions after each lecture as well as the general discussion were very lively and the scheduled time extended. The proceedings of this symposium are under preparation now and shall be available by the end of March. I would be happy, if these proceedings contribute to scientific evaluation by the Consumer Affairs Agency, which is now responsible for Food with Health Claims (FHC).

Oct. 25, 2009 (Sun) Lecture at the Seoul National University in Korea
I went for a lecture to Korea. I gave the lecture on October 25th at the Korean Academy of Clinical Dentistry 2009, which took place at the Seoul National University. It was meeting filled with information on oral care and I was impressed by the progress of the Korean oral hygienics. I had not been in Seoul for 10 years, which became more vivid and energetic with the houses in good condition and new fashionable shops. With two nights it was only a short trip, and next time I would like to visit Seoul without work, for a holiday.



Aug. 26, 2009 (Sun) The 15th Japanese Dental Association 2009

To activate research by dental students under the Dentsply Student Clinician Research Program (SCRP) the Japanese Dental Association and Dentsply organize every year the selection of the Japanese SCRP representative. This year the event was held on August 26th in the assembly hall of the Japanese Dental Association (in Ichigaya). A record of 22 students (from 22 Dental Schools) participated, each with an outstanding presentation and discussing the posters enthusiastically with many visitors.
From this year on the style was not as an oral presentation and demonstration, but only a poster presentation. And the mix the of jury was well balanced with members from clinical practice as well as from basic research, so that also basic research was adequately evaluated. Further, before the winner candidates gave their presentation, each faculty adviser, who actually supervises the students research was handed over a Letter of Thanks and a little present, and all student participants were given a Certificate of Participation. This was meant to stress the importance of presenting the research results as a representative of each university and not only to pick the winner. Further the guidance of the faculty advisers was also appreciated. The winner candidates ceremony was put to the very end with the following result: winner from Nihon University School of Dentistry, second from Tokyo Dental College and third from Health Sciences University of Hokkaido School of Dentistry. The representative of Tsurumi University, Mana Torii, unfortunately could not win the prize, but during the poster presentation a lot of people gathered and she could explain her research result and accurately answer all questions. It is reassuring to see such research-minded dental students. The faculty adviser (Lecturer Tomoko Ohshima), Associate Professor Nishikawa, assistant teacher Nagasaka, assistant teacher Asiri and Kazuhiro Konishi (graduate student at pediatrics) all assisted in the poster presentation.
The presentation of Mana Torii was about the improvement of the oral environment using manuka honey, a research with promising future.


Aug. 01, 2009 (Sat) Invitation for a Lecture to Miyakojima, Okinawa
I gave two lectures in Miyakojima and on the main island of Okinawa in Naha.
Despite the holiday, more than 100 people, including a number of non-dentists gathered in Miyakojima to attend the lecture. I was impressed by those sitting in the front row and taking notes eagerly.
And I am grateful for the perfect preparation done by Dr. Atsuki Namihira from Irabu Chuo Dental Clinic, Dr. Masaki Namihira from Shimoji Chuo Dental Clinic and their staff. With all of them in the same white shirts and black trousers, helping out readily wherever necessary, I can imagine their usual diligent working style.
During the lecture in Okinawa I was also able to talk to some members of Tsurumi alumni association, whom I haven’t met for a while.
I am looking forward to the next such occasion.